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On’t wait for a girl to become a woman to empower them. Empower a girl’s life by giving sanitary pads to them. With pads, we give them wings.

About Us

We all know that Menstruation or Period is normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of a woman’s monthly cycle. Periods usually start between age 11 to 14 and continue until menopause at about age 51. It’s surprising that only 36% of India’s 336 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins. With the Covid-19 crisis, this number has gone down rapidly. Sanitary Napkin has been a crucial part of feminine hygiene but it has been forced to take a backseat during the times of Covid-19. Struggling to get even one meal a day, many women have gone back to practices of using ash and hay covered in rags during their period. Plus, adolescent girls from poor backgrounds have lost access to pads supplied to them in school, which have been shut since the first lockdown was imposed. This puts women and girls at risk of contracting cervical cancer, Hepatitis B, and various infections of the reproductive and urinary tracts, to name a few.

Keeping this issue in mind, we’ve initiated this unit to end period poverty. 



We know about the pain and discomfort women feel during periods. Women want to feel comfortable and non-itchy during periods. FemVings is providing a natural and soft comfort to women; also the product can be customized as per the requirement/needs. 

Benefits of Sanitary Napkins
    ✔Final product can be customized according to the local requirements.

✔ Eliminates the dependency on the external suppliers.

✔Generates local employment and involves women actively in the sales and distribution of napkins.

✔ Women empowerment through village-level entrepreneurship distribution model through SHGs

✔ In line with government envision of MSME and skill development programs.

✔ For communities of rural and urban females, the hygiene levels can be improved.

✔ The napkin does not pollute the environment. Disposal of pads is easy as the wood pulp is being used which has the distinctive property of being biodegradable.

✔ By selling this napkin through resident dealer mode, a large number of women would get economical benefit through indirect employment.

✔ With the usage of sanitary napkins and proper menstrual hygiene, the retention of girls in schools increases. It contributes majorly to the economic empowerment of not only the woman in the future but also to the family, community, and nation. 

✔ Women and girls who do not regularly change their sanitary napkins risk being infected by the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. In rare cases, these bacteria lead to TSS, an infection that may result in shock, renal failure, or even death.  It can help prevent girls and women from getting toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

✔  It helps prevent skin  irritations and keep  Bacterial Vaginosis  (bacterial       vaginal  infections) away.

Overall Goal

Our goal is to set up a low-cost sanitary napkin enterprise for providing an affordable option for menstrual hygiene management and piloting a business model for creating employability for the girls & women in the rural & urban areas.

We are using wood fiber that is a non-woven fabric and it’s generally procured in roll forms that can be processed on high-cost machines only. The nature of the wood fiber is that it will absorb and retain the liquid even under pressure. This would give a dry feel to the user.

Mini Sanitary Napkin units

The production quality is equivalent to the napkins manufactured by the multinationals. The quality parameters of length, high absorption using SAP gel technology, dry and soft feel are highly focused on. The problem of quality, access and affordability of menstrual hygiene products are also handled well.
The production quality is equivalent to the napkins manufactured by the multinationals. The quality parameters (of length, hign absorption using SAP gel technology, dry and soft feel) are highly focused on. Through this the problem of quality, access and affordability of menstrual hygiene products are also handled well.

School level interventions

A good proportion of the adolescent girls attend the schools. It would be advantageous for us to tap these girls and involve in promotion of low cost sanitary napkin as directly and telling the importance about the same in their family and neighborhood as well.
This can be done in session conduction and issue-based discussion with the girls students by making consensus.

Project target

Adolescent girls (13-19 age group)

Women (20-45 age group)


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