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Don’t wait for a girl to become a woman to empower them. Empower a girl’s life by giving sanitary pads to them. With pads, we give them wings.

Don’t sit up for a woman to become a lady to empower them. Empower a girl’s life by giving hygienic pads to them. With pads, we have a tendency to provide them wings.

Menstrual hygiene management (MHM) is an essential aspect of hygiene for women and adolescent girls between menarche and menopause. Despite being an important issue in the menstruating age group MHM is often overlooked. The stigma associated with a woman bleeding every month leads to poor hygiene among women and adolescent girls who use wood husk, leaves, paper and other such materials instead of sanitary napkins when on their periods. Out of a total of 40 crore menstruating women in India, less than 20% use sanitary pads. In urban areas, this number only goes up to 52%. This indicates that nearly half of even urban-based women use unhygienic methods for period protection, making them vulnerable to health issues.
We at FemVings, want to address these issues by creating awareness and advocacy for usage of sanitary pads and provide qualitative and affordable sanitary pads for protection during their periods. Ms. Hema Paul, a pioneering leader in the field of menstruation hygiene and a seasoned social worker has established FemVings, a sanitary manufacturing unit under the PMEGP scheme of Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, Government of India and with the guidance of implementing agency KVIC, Govt. of India. Our aim is to provide a healthy future for women in menstrual hygiene solving affordability, accessibility, quality, awareness and focusing on advocacy. Our leader has several years of experience in women empowerment dealing with menstruation hygiene, research and survey on the health issues and strategic planning to build FemVings.

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We all know the pain and discomfort girls feel throughout times. girls want to feel comfortable and non-itchy throughout times. FemVings is dispensing a natural and soft comfort to girls. in addition, the merchandise could also be made-to-order as per the requirements/needs. requirement/needs. 



Benefits of Sanitary Napkins
  • The final product could also be made-to-order in keeping with the native wants.
  • Obliterate the dependency on the external suppliers.
  • Give rise to native employment and involves women within the sales and distribution of napkins.
  • Women endow by village-level entrepreneurship distribution model through SHGs
  • Restrained with government envision of MSME and ability development programs.
  • For sections of rural and concrete females, the hygiene levels could also be improved.
  • The napkin does not modify the environment. Disposal of pads is easy as a result of the pulp is being used. That has the various property of being perishable.
  • By selling this napkin through resident dealer mode. a big sort of girls would get low-cost profit through indirect employment.
  • With the usage of hygienic napkins and correct menstrual discharge hygiene. The retention of girls in colleges will increase. It contributes majorly to the economic direction of not entirely the lady. within the long run still besides to the family, community, and nation.
  • Girls and women who do not often modify their healthful napkins risk being infected. By the staphylococcus aureus bacteria. In thin instances, this microorganism leads to TSS, an infection which can cause shock, renal failure, or even death. it’ll ease forestall girls and women from getting syndrome syndrome (TSS).
  • It helps forestall skin irritations and keep microorganism Vaginosis (bacterial duct infections) away.

Overall Goal

Our goal is to line up a reasonable pad enterprise. For providing an affordable selection for discharge discharge hygiene management. Also piloting a business model for creating employability. For the ladies and ladies inside the agricultural & urban areas. we have a tendency to area unit utilizing wood fibre that’s a non-woven artefact. And it’s usually procured in roll forms that will be processed on high-cost machines entirely. the character of the wood fibre is that it’ll absorb and retain the liquid even troubled. this could give a dry feel to the user. we all know the pain and discomfort women feel throughout times. women would really like to feel cosy and non-itchy throughout times. FemVings is dispensing a natural and soft comfort to women. to boot, the merchandise is additionally made-to-order as per the requirements/needs.

Sanitary Napkin units

The fabrication quality is like the napkins factory-made by multinationals. The banderole specification of length, and high absorption. Dry and soft feel are extremely targeted. The matter of quality, access. And keenness of menstrual discharge hygiene products is handled well.
The production quality is equivalent to the napkins manufactured by the multinationals. The quality parameters (of length, hign absorption using SAP gel technology, dry and soft feel) are highly focused on. Through this the problem of quality, access and affordability of menstrual hygiene products are also handled well.

School level interventions

A good orchestration of adolescent females attending the colleges. it might be helpful for us to valve these women and involve them in the promotion of low-value sanitary napkins. And telling the importance of an equal in their family and neighbourhood furthermore.
This can be done in session conduction and issue-based discussion with the girls students by making consensus.

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Women (20-45 age group)

Miss Goldy
Miss Goldy
Best sanitary Napkin manufacturing company in Delhi, they have the best quality sanitary pad. I like FemVings sanitary pad so much .. Very soft and comfortable ..
Janvi Giri
Janvi Giri
I recently Buy Sanitary pads online from FemVings and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. These pads are incredibly comfortable, absorbent and eco-friendly. I love that they are made with organic cotton , used anion cheap and free of harmful chemicals, making them a safe choice for my body and the environment. Thank you FemVings!!
Shambhu Kumar
Shambhu Kumar
Nice job ????????
Utkarsh Gupta
Utkarsh Gupta
They are doing good job
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Nitin Mishra

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