7 ways to support and make her happy during her periods

7 Ways to Support and Make Her Happy During Her Periods

7 Ways to Support and Make Her Happy During Her Periods:


7 ways to support and make her happy during her periods

Periods are basic and important  part of  a female’s life. So during periods, girls feel different from regular days. In those days, girls want something extra, and also their moods change frequently.

When a girl is in a relationship, she needs some extra affection. So if a person can’t understand her partner during periods, she got mood swings. It’s natural that girls feel pain during their periods.

They also have different moods that change frequently, so if one is looking to make a partner feel special during periods, that article will be helpful.

Show extra care

So when your partner is on her period, you can do things that make her happy and come closer to her. You have to show more care than before. Girls need only love and care.show-love

They never want more than love and care. So you can give her more love and extra care that will make your partner feel happy and comfortable. These days are tough for her, so make things easy for her.

Talk about some good times.

When she is on her period, she needs extra care and affection. So you can make her remember the things you both did together, like picnics and your holiday memories. You can talk about all the things that she loves to do.

Could you help her to do everything?

During periods if you do, help her in doing daily routine work. It’s not a big task you can easily do for her. You make your partner more comfortable.

Order her favorite food

You can order her favorite food. When she is on periods, it’s quite difficult for her to cook food, so you can order the food online or you may help her cook food. These moments increase your love and bonding. If you are good friends, you can be a perfect couple, so these little things can make your relationship stronger.

Be relax

Sometimes men become angry quickly. So during periods, show extra care for her. Females  want respect, so give her extra care on her period days. This will make her comfortable and also make you the best couple. These little things make your future bright and beautiful.

Read her favorite book

During periods females like to be alone. But there are many little things that you can do for your partner to make her comfortable to share things with you. Sometimes they feel things differently, but you have to make her comfortable with you. You can read her favorite book for her, read comic stories make her feel smile and comfortable . Many things being a partner you can do.

Watch movies and dramas 

During periods your little effort can make her happy and more comfortable. Sometimes we know she is in her periods, and we also need her as same before. But here, you have to show affection and care because most of the times  periods are painful. And it’s also an irritation for her to change the pads repeatedly. If you want to spend some quality time that she will also love, you can watch movies and her favorite dramas. This will help you stay close to your partner because some girls close self in the room. And even don’t talk to their partners, so these little efforts can help you make her feel your partner comfortable.

Hygienic environment

In India, there are all class people. But the feelings and love for the partner are the same. Everyone wants to provide a healthy life for his partner. So the main thing is o give them high-quality sanitary pads. In rural areas, people have less knowledge and think sanitary pads are expensive. But that is not true. Many brands in India, like Femvings, offer high quality sanitary at the lowest prices. If you bring sanitary pads for her, they can absorb the heavy flow, and they don’t need to change it frequently. The main benefit of giving sanitary pads is pads are hygiene and anti-bacteria that keep your partner healthy and active.


These tips can help you to make comfortable with your partner during periods. We all want to make our partner happy but these days need more attention and affection, so you have to do some favorite things for your partner. These little things can make your love life happier.


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