Cancellation & Refund

Cancellation & Refund Policies

In case you are not satisfied with our product, the delivery or any other aspect of the product, we would certainly intervene to know about your problem and experience. We will do our best to resolve it per your satisfaction.

In order to initiate exchange or return of our product, please write to within 72 hours of receiving the order or you can also call our customer care team at 01148027804. Our team will immediately contact you to understand the grievance and provide the best possible solution. If you are not satisfied with the solution provided, we shall refund the money paid by you to avail our products in full. We request you to share the order copy/invoice along with any photographs indicating your grievance if possible. This will enable us to improve our products and services to ensure that we are able to meet your expectation now and in future

Be rest assured, we are here to ensure satisfied customers.

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