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How to Choose Right Size Sanitary Pad?

Every one has a question in their mind How to Choose Right Size Sanitary Pad? Choosing the Correct Sanitary Pad Size – Women, do you know if the size of the sanitary pads matters not? The question of what sanitary pad sizes are ideal for use in connection to your body type has an answer.

Menstruation has become much more manageable for women all over the world since the invention of sanitary pads, which marked a significant change away from the practice of menstruating with cloth.

Sanitary pads, also referred to as menstrual pads, sanitary towels, and sanitary linens, are used during menstruation. Additionally, it is used when recovering from gynecological treatment or in any other circumstance where there is a vaginal blood flow. The blood released from the vagina is absorbed by the sanitary napkins.

Leakage and staining are two issues that women experience during their periods. This may take place in their house or in front of others. If not handled correctly, it could turn into a messy and embarrassing situation. Therefore, it is important to select sanitary pads that are the proper measurement.

Femvings Sanitary Napkins come in a variety of sizes and types that are useful during monthly period days. Sanitary napkin suppliers

  • Normal pads (Regular Pad)

One of the most popular pads on the market and one of the most frequently used ones is this one.

femvings regular  sanitary pads Regular pads are slightly longer and thicker than panty liners and are under 21 cm in size. They have a strong adhesive layer to keep them in place. It is typically used on days with low flow, and on days with high flow, frequent adjustments might be necessary. Regular pads come in a variety of materials, including synthetic, cotton, and reusable options.

  • Extra Large pads

Medium flow days typically call for large tampons. The pad’s length is between 240MM and 320MM. FemVings XL straight sanitary padEven on rainy days, leakage is prevented by these pads because they can lock up to 100% of the moisture and odor. Femvings there are two wings for increased comfort and the cover is made of plush cotton.

  • Extra-large pads Tri Fold

Extra-large pads are larger and broader (Tri-fold) than regular pads. These cushions have lengths starting at 320MM. femvings XL padnumerous brands offer extra adhesive wings for support, and some brands also provide gel technology to prevent leaks. These pads perform admirably on days with moderate to mild flow.

  • XXL pads

In comparison to normal pads, these pads are thicker and offer more coverage. One of the main benefits is that one won’t have to change their pad frequently, especially at night. These are long and wide, taking up the majority of the front and rear of the vehicle. The majority of XXL pads have double adhesive wings to keep them in position.

An XXL pad has a length greater than 320MM. If you want to know what it’s like, just click here. They might have unique characteristics like wider wings, lengthier and wider back coverage, or gel protection. Many companies offer organic versions that are 100% organic and manufactured entirely of cotton.

The Femvings flow pads were created with your heavy flow days in mind. Femvings flow pads have guards rather than wings to stop leaks and stains during the day or at night. They also have an additional glue strip to give them that extra bit of grip. Additionally, Femvings Pads offer odor lock, quick blood circulation, and antibacterial protection. Cotton is used for the upper cover to protect users from rashes and itching during their periods. A Femvings has a length of about 35 cm, providing full coverage at the front and back.



For a woman to select the best sanitary pad, she must be aware of her needs and monthly cycle. With the right pad, a lady can manage her periods more easily. One’s life shouldn’t necessarily become difficult during periods. Women can easily get through their menstrual cycle if handled correctly and with the best sanitary pads!



What are the various pad sizes?

The three sizes are regular, large, and extremely large. Every measurement is perfectly matched to your flow. Regular size sanitary pads are the finest for you if today is your last day of your period. Extra-large sanitary napkins are recommended for days with heavy flow because they are the perfect size for evenings as well. The possibility that it will stop leaking increases with width is therefore a fantastic choice for spotless days.

How do you pick the best pad?

If you’re purchasing sanitary napkins for the first time, avoid synthetics because their harsh & chemically infused foundation can irritate your sensitive area. First and foremost, comprehend your movement. It will assist you in determining the finest fit for you. The ideal cushion should have side wings to stick to your undergarments and a gentle foundation to prevent rash.

What is the best sanitary pad?

Femvings incontinence napkin line is highly recommended. The layering is perfect for nighttime use and does not cause pain. If you choose a cotton-feel upper layer for a feather-soft contact, your periods will be rash-free. Test it out for yourself and enjoy a relaxing time.

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