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We Are Sanitary Napkin Manufacturers

We are one of the simplest pad manufacturers in India. We tend to believe that in several rural areas of India; girls face several challenges. Like they tub in open ponds, and wells and this results in varied diseases. girls even have to travel in open fields to the toilet; they don’t have the right suggestions to dispose of a pad.

We want to form awareness of menstrual hygiene and health practices. Girls must use a pad during periods, it’ll ease them to stop such a big amount of infections.


Market Potential

At the current time, all women want napkins of sensible quality. The Indian pad market has been witnessing positive growth. this can be because of many initiatives taken. by NGOs, Government and makers to impart education on female hygiene. And its advantages. In late sanitary napkins, markets are growing day by day. And awareness is additionally increasing day by day on female hygiene. This has, in turn, increased the demand for sanitary napkins in remote areas.

Femvings sanitary pad
sanitary napkin manufacturing company

Situation Analysis:

Our main operating areas. That is- Palam, Dabri, Nasir Pur Basti, and Chuda Basti are located in the South-West urban centre. Most of the individuals living here hail. From the families of migrant labourers or daily wage labourers. Youngsters go around as vagabonds and oldsters depart. To fetch work to satisfy the wants of their families. Usually, in these families, the adolescent woman gets data concerning expelling. From her mother/grandmother who themselves had followed the unhealthful behaviours for years. And so don’t see any hurt. Within the practice of utilizing previous clothes throughout expelling. The families of the intervening communities are very poor and poorly aware. Daily wage work is the solely supply of earnings for the bulk of the families. That varies because of the seasonality of the roles in construction. And agricultural labour works. Because of such socio-economic variations, it’s troublesome. For girls or women to shop for sanitary pads per month.

Project target

Adolescent girls (13-19 age group)

Women (20-45 age group)

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