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Sanitary Pads wholesaler in India

Where can we Find Sanitary Pads wholesaler in India ?

We are a Sanitary pad wholesaler in India. Women have periods and they have been struggling with orthodox thinking and practices but now the time has changed and people are talking about periods.

There are many products in the market for girls to use during periods. But one must ask the following questions to themselves while buying a product:-
Is it healthy for me?
Is it hygienic?
Is it comfortable?
Is it convenient to use?
Is it economical?

. We are Sanitary Pads wholesaler in India


Is it healthy for me?

Is it hygienic?

Is it comfortable?

Is if convenient to use

Is it economical?

As per the majority of the people, health is not affected by periods.
The upper layer of a pad is designed to make women feel dry though some pads are not healthy and they can give you rashes.

Pads are usually convenient to use but some pads can be toxic and carcinogenic. The result of a survey indicates that both scented and unscented pads emit toxic chemicals that are carcinogens .

and reproductive and developmental toxins; none of these chemicals are disclosed on the product by the manufacturer.

In India, most women face difficulty in disposing of their pads and changing them. I have come across women who use one pad for a day and such women are exposed to discomfort skin infections and rashes posing several health risks. 

Pads can lead to bacterial growth if used for a long time hence one should change them every 4-6 hours. Once the sidled pad comes in contact with air it also emits an odor. 

Pads come in different shapes and sizes suitable according to day-night and physical structure, also they are leak proof making women free to worry of stains on clothes.

Though pads are easy to use and seem a convenient option, actually one has to buy them again and again. Also throwing them discreetly is not easy.

A person needs 8-10 pads a month which will cost her Rs. 80-100 or Rs. 900 a year means a person has to spend frequently. 

and if there are 2-3 menstruating women in a house then the cost gets doubled or even more depending on person to person.

We all want to use eco-friendly items and our pads are eco-friendly. We think that cottony soft pads contain cotton but the pads which feel soft like cotton are not actually cotton.

We remain unaware of the fact that pads when flushed can bloat and absorb all the water in a drain pipe till the system gets logged.

We are also unaware that polymers used in pads make them non-biodegradable and can take 500-800 years to break down.


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